We would like to thank, everyone who supported us on our 5th annual event to support TECHO's mission. This year the funds raised will be for TECHO- Argentina.
On Tuesday, May 16th, we raised a total of 22,444 USD. 
OUR fundraising efforts continue, until the day we leave to Argentina to build this homes. Please join us, you can also help us by sharing the following link with your friends: 

Make a contribution (CrowdRise- Design TECHO 2017)

The construction of the homes will take place on July 28-29 in Obera a community an hour away from Posadas, the capital from Misiones, Argentina. 



TECHO [TEH/choh], meaning roof in Spanish, is a youth-led non-profit organization present in Latin American and the Caribbean. TECHO seeks to overcome poverty in slums through the collaborative work between families living in poverty conditions and youth volunteers.

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Design TECHO is a group of designers, architects, and other professionals, who have committed themselves, since 2012, to support TECHO's Mission. 

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“I slept and dreamt that life was happiness, I awoke and discovered that life was service, and it was while serving, I found the happiness I was dreaming of” -Jawn Marques